Getting Ready for Summer Church Camp? Here are 7 Things to Remember

Author: Sandara

Date posted: June 9, 2020

Kids love summer camp. It is the one time they get to stay out of home and school and enjoy life even as they learn more about religion. Even when kids do not join church summer camps, most parents take the beauty of summer to give them an outdoor experience.

Camps are a chance for the youth and the young ones to build a stronger community and learn things that could help them build a better future [1]. It is also a way to strengthen the faith of the younger generation, whether in Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Judaism, or any other religion.

If you plan to organize summer camp coming summer, you need to consider a few things as outlined below.

1. Choose the Age Group Right

Summer camp is more interesting when the age group you choose matches the theme and the activities you will undertake in the field. If you are a youth teacher, you are better off taking youths to camp than you are taking younger children. You can also choose the right age group based on other skills you might have. If, for instance, you are good at playing piano and guitar, choose an age group you feel comfortable teaching.

2. Create a Good Structure

After you have chosen the right age group, you need to lay down the structure to make the camp successful. Note down all the logistics for the summer camp, depending on how long you will stay at the camp. Visualize all camp activities from waking up to sleeping and ensure you have everything ready.

If you are organizing summer camps for different groups of students, one group after another, the first week will be the most challenging. After that, you will get a handle of things, and you will be okay.

3. Set an Affordable Price

Pricing determines how many youths come to the summer camp. Set a price based on the expenses you will incur and the skills you will teach. The price should accommodate as many youths as possible.

The cost could go high if you have professional speakers, artists, musicians, or others who might ask for higher pay. To reduce the cost, only call one professional and them market the camp using that.

4. Pre-Book the Venue

Take pre-bookings as early as possible to avoid last-minute changes. If you haven’t already, you can search for and book for venues online. You should also visit the site and ensure it is right for the activities you plan for the summer camp.

After booking, you need to write to parents and let them know of all the details early in advance so they can start planning. Because you will be targeting parents from the same community, you should send them letters. You can also post the parent’s email reminders. 

5. Ensure Security is Tight

Most parents are concerned about the security of their kids, especially if you will camp out. Outdoor camping is fun, but you need to be in an area where security is tight. For outdoor camp, you can hire a few guards to offer protection. The guards might come with the rifle scope for AR 15 to provide professional security. Even if you go camping in a well-guarded community, having the right security will give parents the assurance they need that their children are safe. 

6. Create a Checklist for the Campers

There are so many things that campers need to bring to the camp that sometimes they might forget the most important. You need to create a list of the essential items to make the camp successful.

The list of essential items will depend on where you will camp. Do the campers need tents, or you will stay in an institution?  Will they be swimming? Will they go out into the woods to explore? Ensure that you list all the items needed without overlooking any.

7. Be Creative

Kids love fun activities; they cannot sit and listen to you all day no matter how sweet your religious messages are. You can organize activities such as swimming, art lessons, storytelling, a stroll in the woods, or anything else that will excite the age group you have. Breaks are as important as the lessons you teach the kids.


It would help if you went through your schedules and every other aspect of the camp to ensure you are ready for the campers. Take everything needs for the camp a day before campers arrive and ensure everything is set and you are good to go.



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