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Spirituality vs Guns – The mystery of achieving true Spiritual Connectedness

For as long as there has been man made weapons and biometric safes, there has been a debate whether spirituality and guns have something in common. This is especially true when it comes to guns. In the last couple of decades, we have been witnesses to mass shootings, and other violent crimes committed with guns. These unfortunate acts of violence, have led many of us to think about whether there is some yet unknown spiritual mystery about guns. The real question here is, whether we need guns to guns to control our fears and maintain our spirituality.

Many of us would agree that our spirituality rests on two main pillars, love and fear. Most people associate love with superficial feelings, or material items, like roses or some other gifts. The truth is, that love is much greater, above our mental grasp, and it represents our connection with our Spirituality and God.

Love vs Fear

You are probably one of those people wondering whether you should use guns, whenever you feel threatened or afraid. In order to find the real answer, you need to look deep into your soul and see whether your spirit is guided by Love or Fear.

Delving deep into your thoughts, you will find that Love is the real answer. Fear is not. Fear is just our mind’s way of coping with the unknown. Man fears that which he doesn’t know. By letting fear overtake your mind and body, you will become irrational, senseless, and irresponsible of your actions. By resorting to violence and guns, your spirit will deteriorate, and your connection with it will break down. From a spiritual perspective, no violence is justified. Guns have a very singular purpose. They are tools of violence, and nothing else. Yes, you can use them, in dire situations. when your or your loved ones’ lives are in danger. But, whatever the reason might be, your spirituality will suffer.

By avoiding violence and refusing to use guns, you will reconnect with your spirit. That way you will remove the boundaries that your ego and your body have set up in the form of fear. This is a life changing truth, and you should never let yourself get derailed from the path of spirituality, by those who only seek to hurt one another, and whose actions are governed by their fears and anger. However, the sense of fear is an inseparable element of the human psyche. We all act sometimes from fear. But, mistakes are usually made by those who defend themselves with guns, thinking that they are somehow contributing to the safety of the world and justice. Using guns only perpetuates violence. It breeds the “eye for an eye” philosophy, and promotes over-reliance on fear-based tools, like guns, as a false substitution for real safety.

By outright refusing to use guns, and other tools of violence, you will find your true spirituality. You will realize that you don’t have to hurt other human beings, in order to protect your physical body. By avoiding violence, you will overcome the false feeling of fear. By overcoming the fear, you will break down the barrier that prevents you from truly connecting with your spirit.

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