Almost missed this…. Naftali Bennett

“There are many Jewish denominations in the world, and the majority of the Jewish people in the Diaspora are not Orthodox,” he continued. “As the Minister for Diaspora Affairs I believe the Western Wall belongs to all the Jews in the world, not to one denomination or the other.”

Kudos to Mr. Bennett. Here’s the article.

Yom Kippur talk covered by Birmingham News

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive’s talk at Temple Emanu-El was picked up by the Birmingham News.

Click here for their report

New Program – Parsha

I’m awaiting permission from the website owners before I release this because it displays their website. It’s not infringing on their copyright or anything because it displays their website unaltered, but still… I wanted to extend them the courtesy of approving it before I released it.

But, parsha is a KDE plasma applet. What that means is that it’s a little program that runs on your desktop in the background. It displays the Torah portion for the upcoming Sabbath. All Jews read the same Torah portion each sabbath and this just finds out which one that is and displays it for you.


Some synagogue updates

I’ll let the synagogue explain this one:

Our sanctuary has been a place of welcome to so many in our community, not just our members. Churches worshiped here, and we have contributed generously to the religious life of our beloved city. We celebrated our sanctuary with the churches with whom we have established long and historic relationships. Each church presented a gift of word and song! Churches that participated were: Southside Baptist Church, South Highland Presbyterian Church, Independent Presbyterian Church, Baptist Church of the Covenant, and Living Stones Temple.

Also, for Yom Kippur, the talk was given by SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. It was really nice and especially nice given that he came to synagogue instead of attending Alabama’s first game of the year.–Making-Jewish-Choices.html


New Project and Sukkot thoughts

I’m probably starting a new project: a plasma applet (for KDE) that shows the Torah portion for the week automatically. As with Kids’ Media Player, it will be given away for free to those who think they’d benefit from it.

and now for some thoughts for Sukkot:

After the seriousness and almost dread of the High Holy Days, we have built-in fun time…and oh boy, is it fun. The holiday is Sukkot. Basically, Sukkot is to remind us that God brought us out of Egypt and caused us to dwell in booths in the desert. It’s like the Jewish thanksgiving. Here are the main steps:

1. You build a little hut (or, in our case, use somebody else’s after they build it….muhahahaha). Then, you at least eat in the hut. It’s considered good if you actually sleep in it.

So yes, you’ve built this little shack in the yard… and you play house in it. You decorate it with gourds…straw… harvest type things. Now, you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like fun. You can’t. It’s inherently fun. But, there’s more…

To start off Sukkot, you get into your little hut with an etrog… a thing that looks like a big, ugly lemon… on the night of the full moon….and you take a lulav…which are basically palm fronds… and you shake them to the four directions…

Yes, it sounds pagan as can be. Don’t forget that Judaism is the only religion that really morphed from paganism to strict monotheism. They didn’t convert….the whole tribe changed…

But, more importantly, it sounds like fun and it is. It’s even more fun if you get a bunch of kids together and have a pizza party for Sukkot… which is what we did. It was a blast. Sukkot and Purim are the two holidays when adults can act like kids and get away with it :P