Joe Biden’s Video Address to the Union for Reform Judaism Biennial

Do you read my blog?

I’m thinking about deleting this website. I don’t know if anyone actually reads it anymore and, truth be told, I don’t spend as much time here – updating infrequently. So, if you read it contact me and let me know. Otherwise, there’s not much point in keeping a website here when I talk to everyone elsewhere.

Shriners Hospitals for Children

If you are going to donate to some charities this holiday season, I strongly recommend following this link and donating to the Shriners’ Hospitals. The Shriners are Masons and their hospitals give free and topnotch care to children who have been injured in fires, are born with birth defects, etc. Our own lodge was very privileged to see a local family who was helped by a Shriners hospital. The baby was born with his fingers fused together and the hospital separated them at no cost to the family – who could not have afforded any medical procedure.

I know there are a lot of charities out there that are hurting, but please consider the Shriners. Many Masons also volunteer their vehicles and time to drive sometimes a state or two away, pick up children and their families, and drive them to a Shriners hospital so they can receive care with dignity – free of charge. The children are worth it….so the Shriners are worth it.

CBS News – Inside the secret world of the Freemasons

An excellent exposé of Freemasonry. Explains what it is, the history, and the myths. If I remember correctly, however, cameras WERE allowed in a couple of years ago so people could see a Masonic ceremony.

As far as to the extent of Freemasonry in the United States, fourteen presidents including George Washington, were Freemasons (Gerald Ford being the last). Nine of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons and at least nine signers of the Constitution were. Abraham Lincoln applied to be a mason but withdrew his application because he thought it would appear he did so for votes. He planned to re-apply after his presidency but was assassinated. Ronald Reagan was an honorary Scottish Rite member and honorary Shriner and took part in Scottish Rite and Shrine functions, but was never actually passed through the degrees. Neither of the Bushes were Freemasons.

Windows 8.1 update and error 0×80070002

If you’re having this problem and have linux installed in dual-boot, this may work for you:

The problem is that the Windows partition isn’t set as the active boot partition. From linux, type the command: fdisk -l

That will give a list of all your partitions. Find the Windows partition. We will say it’s /dev/sda2

Type fdisk /dev/sda
Then, type a
It will ask which partition you wish to make active. Partition number 2. Then, type p to print out the partition table. Make sure there is only an asterisk beside that partition. If there is another asterisk, type a and select it. It will toggle off. Type w to write the table to disk and quit. Now, reboot.

Windows will now boot and you will be able to install the update.

Now, boot with your linux install disk and select rescue mode. When it gets to the login prompt, type root and it will drop you to a prompt.

Again, type fdisk /dev/sda. Type a again and 2 to toggle the active partition to off. Type w to write and quit. Now this is how you reinstall grub2 and get things back to normal:

type fdisk -l to get the list. Find out which one is your root linux partition. We will say it’s /dev/sda7.

Type mount /dev/sda7 /mnt
mount –bind /dev /mnt/dev
mount –bind /proc /mnt/proc
mount –bind /sys /mnt/sys
chroot /mnt
grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
grub2-install /dev/sda

That’s it. Everything should be back to normal dual-booting.