How Different Religions Use Water in Their Activities

If there is a discipline that has varied use of water when handling their activities then it is the religion. You will find that the Catholics, Christians, Muslims, and Hindus look at water from a different angle. In fact, within the religion, we also have denominations which also use the precious commodity differently.

Using water as a symbolic thing in different activities, different religions have to be conscious of the water suppliers and the manufacturer of water tanks they will use. They will most likely be conscious whether this manufacturer or that is reliable to ensure its quality.


Let us look at baptism in the Catholic church, do not just use ordinary water but they have to use their bishops or priests to bless it and finally call it holy water which they can use for baptisms. At the beginning of the mass, they have to sprinkle holy water to all their followers as an act of giving a blessing. The Protestant, on the other hand, believes in an immersion in the water of their people as a form of baptism. Each religion has a way in which they look at that water according to their belief. Muslims, on the other hand, do not have a big significance when it comes to using water.

While taking the holy communion, they also have a difference in culture. The Catholics do not use it at all While the Protestant churches believe in handwashing and foot washing. In the Seventh Day Adventist church, it is even different and unique from the rest of the Christians. To them, they have to literally wash their feet and hands just like they believe that Jesus did it It is a sign in which they make themselves poor. This is an exercise that is done by just the people who have been baptized by full immersion of water and not just sprinkling of water. At the entrance of the Catholic church, you will get a bowl full of water which people dip their hands and sprinkle on themselves as a sign in which they maintain purity or just make themselves clean and holy.

All these exercises have been in existence since time immemorial. It is just a continuation of a culture such that even the generations to come still follow the same. A change of any of the activities is something that is done like a referendum and all the stakeholders in the religion must give consent.
Water and religion are inseparable entities. It is believed to be a sign of purity in handling all the activities. The similarity in all of them is that before that water is used for any religious activities, there should be a ceremony in which they place a hand on the water as a sign in which you make them pure for use.

The activity along with using water is a culture that is cultivated over time and you have to go through some form of teachings as young as five years to have a deep understanding of the meaning, such that when you now use them you fully understand the significance. Matters of religious is something you have to deal with seriously since you are dealing with people’s beliefs.