Getting Ready for Summer Church Camp? Here are 7 Things to Remember

Getting Ready for Summer Church Camp? Here are 7 Things to Remember

Kids love summer camp. It is the one time they get to stay out of home and school and enjoy life even as they learn more about religion. Even when kids do not join church summer camps, most parents take the beauty of summer to give them an outdoor experience. Camps are a chance for […]

What Do Major Religions Say About Meat-Eating?

What Do Major Religions Say About Meat-Eating?

More than 200 million land animals are slaughtered each day around the world for their meat. If you add wild animals and fishes, more than a billion animals turn to meat every day. What do major religions have to say about this? Vegetarianism has its roots in major religions. One of these religions is Judaism, […]

Religion, faith and the role they play today

Workout Activities for Religious People

Just like other things in life, there are several extremes in the lives of religious people. While some of them focus on their physical body to the neglect of their spirituality, others focus so much attention on their spirituality that they neglect their physical bodies. However, with a good balance of both a religious person […]

Water as a Symbolic Thing in Religion

Water is a basic commodity which comes in handy for many reasons it depends on the cultural and spiritual affiliations. It is a tool which in the literature which has many definitions. Some of them include Purity Water is a tool in which shows that you are pure both at heart and physical attractiveness. It […]

Welding For Spiritual Activities

Religion has been in a steady decline ever since scientific discoveries started debunking many of the theories proposed by religion. Fewer and fewer people today in the developed world bother to partake in religious activities such as going to the church. Many have even turned to atheism, believing with certainty that God does not exist. […]

Camera Used for Religious Activities

A camera is a must-have gadget like a phone, it helps you capture scenes for future reference and make spiritual activities memorable. Religious activities involve mountain hikes; prayer sessions in caves; outdoor mission and crusades. All these functions need a camera for both personal references and develop a documentary for the religious organizations. Donors and […]

Infographics: Religious Indicator

9 Reasons Religion is So Powerful

How to Handle Great Conversation about Religion

Oftentimes, when we talk about religion amongst our family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers, it ends up in a heated argument, especially with the diversity of opinions and beliefs when it comes to the topic of believing in a so-called powerful being. But it doesn’t always have to be an argument. It can be a […]