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Rabbi Amar – Chief Sephardic Rabbi in Israel

Amar is getting a lot of press lately in regards to his attempts to keep Reform and Conservative Jews from being treated equally by the government of Israel. He organized a meeting to FOIL THE GOVERNMENT’S DECISION to pay non-Orthodox rabbis. Where I’m from, that’s called treason, I believe. Now, it’s an inflammatory article, but it’s interesting for the… (more…)

A quote and a link

“Jewish memory was never meant to be frozen or finished. Jews don’t live in history. We live in memory—in remembrances that are authentically rooted in tradition, but in each generation, evoked in new ways.” – Cantor Angela Warnick Buchdahl I ran across that quote and loved it. I think it sums up Reform Judaism pretty well. The other thing is… (more…)

Should We Roll Back the Reform in Reform?

This is an article I submitted to, the blog of the Union for Reform Judaism. I do not know whether it will be accepted for publication or not, but I wanted to share it with you. Whenever the issue of assimilation and declining membership comes up, invariably someone will bring up the question as to whether Reform has reformed… (more…)