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A Historic Update

As some of you may know, Israel has agreed to start paying some Reform and Conservative rabbis, just like they do for the Orthodox. The first recipient of this is a female Reform rabbi – a first on both Reform and female counts. Read about it here In the spirit of breaking down sexist boundaries, here is an article about… (more…)

Some thoughts – comparing Judaism, Hinduism and Christianity

I thought about the comparison between the three religions and thought that it makes the comparisons between Judaism and Christianity easier to see if you add Hinduism to the mix. For starters, Hinduism is not a religion. Hinduism is what we call a huge variety of religions. It’s an umbrella term for all the religions in a certain geographic area.… (more…)

Witchcraft and Judaism – Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed some initial problems I had with an article on Witchcraft and Judaism. In part 2, I will attempt to answer the question as I see it. First, witchcraft is the wrong term to be using in a modern sense. It represents a minority of what is considered magick and occultism. A more correct term, in… (more…)

Witchcraft and Judaism – Part 1

I have some problems with the interpretations of religious texts and tradition by Orthodox Judaism. That’s rather obvious. I belong to the Reform movement. If I had no problems with their approach, I’d be Orthodox. In many ways, I think the modern Reform movement is staying more true to the traditions and spirit of Judaism than Orthodox Judaism because Orthodoxy… (more…)

Which is more important – your feminism or your Judaism?

A brilliant article on that question along with the concerns raised when the Reform movement ordained its third female rabbi ever. These days, it’s common to see female rabbis in both Reform and conservative circles, but it helps to look back and remember where we came from.