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Gallup Poll – Religiosity and Well-being

Gallup just released a poll where they found a huge correlation between religiosity and well-being. The poll results can be found here. One of the most interesting findings is that Jews buck the trend. The Jews score the highest on the well-being index while, at the same time, being the least religious overall.

Passover (Pesach) Posts

You Were Strangers: The Ethical Significance of Passover Defining Freedom For Jews

The World of Shells – thoughts on kabbalah

Many people live amongst the klippot – the shells. The klippot are the coverings or husks that cover the sparks of Divine light, keeping them from shining forth. I’ve heard that one way looking at Cain’s question “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is “Am I my brother’s klippah?”. Am I the thing that was holding my brother back and keeping… (more…)

How President Obama Began Celebrating Passover

An interesting article Also talks about what has been and will be served….

Tell them

TELL THEM I’m struggling to sing with angels who hint at it in black words printed on old paper gold-edged by time. Tell them I wrestle the mirror every morning. Tell them I sit here invisible in space; nose running, coffee cold & bitter. Tell them I tell them everything & everything is never enough. – from Mishkan T’filah, the… (more…)