Monthly Archives: February 2012

Birmingham Jewish History

I’ve had a spurt of updates to this website, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to continue at this pace. It’s a “Do it when I can and have something to say” type of deal. But, I do want to share this: The Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life has an Encyclopedia of Southern Jewish communities online. Luckily, it has… (more…)


The Jewish Daily Forward posted a book review. It was on conversion and this is something that hits close to home. I replied there, but I’ll reply here as well in more detail. The article talks about the traditional issue of conversion as well as the modern Orthodox movement’s views on conversion. Now, a little about how I play into… (more…)

Old Jewish Saying

A rabbi teaches his students “we can learn valuable lessons from everything God puts on this earth.”  One student challenges the rabbi:  “What can we learn from atheism?” The rabbi replies:  “We can learn a great deal from atheism.  When you see your brother or sister in trouble, do not say ‘God will take care of you.’  Act as if… (more…)

Busy Shabbat

Well, Shabbat is over, but I had a great time. Of course, I went to my own synagogue, but then, I went to the Conservative synagogue down the street for the first time. Things are a little different there, but it’s remarkable how similar they are. I could actually follow along in their service (which was completely Hebrew) because I’ve… (more…)

My Daily Life

Every day, I try to listen to Jewish podcasts while driving at work. It’s actually harder than it sounds. After a while, you start running out of podcasts. So, I listen to whatever college lectures I can find on Itunes U and hope my podcasts release new stuff before I run out. Having a conversation with a Thelemite on here… (more…)