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Rectifying Creation Through the 10 plagues (kabbalah)

One Kabbalistic train of thought is that the ancient Egyptians were so degraded, that they stained creation itself. The plagues were sent, not just to lift the Israelites up from where they were, but to set creation itself back on track. If we look at the order of the plagues, you can see that they undid the order of creation:… (more…)

Some Things Never Change and Some Do

The first time in the Bible that Israel is called a nation is by Pharoah. Out of fear and hatred, he defines the Israelites as a nation. Then, 3,000 years later, the nation of Israel once again comes into being partially because of widespread fear and hatred culminating in the Holocaust. As American Jews, we see the news. We see… (more…)


I had to update the website. The website software itself needed to be updated as well as several plugins. I was also going through old posts and found a few that were private, but still on the site. Most were from November 2009 – January 2011. They were concerning Thelema. Of course, I know why I privated them. They were… (more…)

Local Church Sign Vandalized

I’m sure this incident is inspired by the swastika incident. It’s not like this area is a hotbed of constant, public anti-Semitic acts. It’s not. We had the Catholic priest, Most Rev. Richard Donahoe attend our Rosh Hashanah service and speak, we hold a Passover Seder at a different church every year, the churches around us lend us their parking… (more…)