Monthly Archives: December 2011

What it’s like being a Jew…

Sixteen days ago, I became a Jew. Well, that’s when the public ceremony was. I actually fulfilled the three requirements 2 days before: beit den, hatafat dam brit, and immersion in the mikveh. So, what’s it like being a Jew? Has anything changed? Before that happened, I thought I’d be at this point and be able to say “Nope! I’m… (more…)

A New Jew and His Community

Last week was a spectacular week for me. I went through the circumcision (hatafat dam brit, in my case), beit den (religious court), and mikveh (ritual immersion). I then went before my community and became a Jew. Words cannot express how I feel now. It is an experience unlike any I’ve ever experienced. It was a deeply emotional and religious… (more…)

My thoughts on Aba-gate, as one reporter called it

So, the Israeli Absorption Agency made a campaign to get their expats to move back to Israel. In the process, they belittled American Jews. I actually had the chance to ask an Israeli expat about this campaign today after synagogue. She wasn’t aware of the controversy, but called it a “clash between the two major Jewish countries” and I think… (more…)