From Mac OS X to OpenSuSe Linux

Many of you that know me know that I have a 24 inch imac. It was bought in 2006 and served me well. However, there are a few factors that have me going back to Linux – which I ran for about 10-12 years before switching to Mac in 2006.

1. The graphics card is overheating again. It was replaced once at the very end of the warranty period. It’s now doing it again. This left me with a predicament: spend $800 to get Apple to replace it once again (we’ll call this one the crazy option), spend $400-$500 for a replacement iMac (I don’t like the newer ones, so I’d end up getting the same year and, possibly, running into the same problem), but, the third option was the clencher: I found a PC that had a 50% faster CPU, same hard drive, same RAM, etc. for $100. Given the fact a. it’s 50% faster and b. I can plug in my iMac hard drive and RAM, doubling both from what I have now, it was a no-brainer.

2. My DVD writer has been acting up for a couple of years. Given as it’s an iMac, I didn’t feel comfortable delving into the innards of the machine to replace it. That brings us to another benefit of PCs – I can work on them myself. I can upgrade, replace, etc. without having someone else do it for me…which means the machine can actually get upgraded.

3. I don’t like the direction OS X is heading in. It seems like they want to turn your desktop into a tablet. Those are, and should be, two very different beasts. I want my desktop to focus on giving me a good desktop experience – not mimicking my iPhone or an iPad.

So, my $100 PC is on the way and I’m looking forward to the experience. Yes, I could have bought a $1,000 gaming system tricked out with all the extras, but you know what? I don’t own a single game. I don’t play games. I surf the internet, I do videos, I watch videos/movies/etc. and organize myself. You don’t need an expensive machine to do what I do – especially with Linux. In addition, this machine is a feeler. At a later date, I can get a better PC…..go back to Mac…etc. I don’t feel tied down because I’ve sunk a lot of money into a machine.

So, I’m in the process of getting all my data out of OS X and getting it ready to transport it to Linux. It should be an interesting time!

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